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Vignoble Gagliano

Situated on the hills of the Dunham valley, Le Vignoble Les Blancs Coteaux opened its doors in May 1989. On August 21st 2008, the Gagliano family acquired this beautiful winery and changed its name to “VIGNOBLE GAGLIANO VINEYARDS” to personalize its character.

The origins of the Gagliano family are Sicilian, a land rich of ancient history, where viticulture and wine making are deep rooted in its way of life. When it comes to the weather, Sicily and Quebec have nothing in common but the challenge to produce excellent wines is the same. The Sicilian hot climate requires a very rigorous vinification process, and under the Quebec very cold winter, we also have to practice a very distinct vinification culture. In both regions we work with the same passion and determination that was given to us by our ancestors.

It is with pride that we bring little Italy to Dunham. “The respect for the old traditions lead us to create new ones.” Recognized for the quality of our products, which have won awards over the years, Vignoble Gagliano can now offer consumers wines that respect the principles of organic farming as our 2021 vintages are now certified organic by Ecocert Canada. Thanks to the magnificent rural surroundings, a breath taking environment, and its charming boutique, our vineyards attracts thousands of visitors every year.

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Closed until April 30th, 2024.

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Vignoble Gagliano

1046, rue Bruce (route 202) Dunham Québec Canada
Phone: (450) 295-3503