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2 days

Route 215, Brome Road, Bromont Boulevard, Shefford Street, Route 241
With its proximity to the Autoroute and its access to the Estriade trail, water park, mountain biking, golf and winter skiing, the town of Bromont attracts families…and sports enthusiasts! And there’s very few that don’t give themselves an added treat by stopping by the Chocolate Museum.  A moment of relaxation in one of the magnificent spas or a cultural tour of the Cowansville Museum are also among the array of interesting things to do during your vineyard visits.

Day 1: Vignoble Le P’tit Bonheur, Vignoble de la Bauge,  Vignoble Bromont

Lodging in a bed and breakfast in Cowansville or an Hotel in Bromont.

Day 2: Léon Courville, Vigneron, Vignoble La Belle Alliance

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69 km

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