Activities to do as a couple or among friends

Here are some activity suggestions that will transform your Route des Vins getaway into a unique experience


Picnicking Amid The Vines

Often underestimated, picnicking is the perfect country outing to take advantage of beautiful landscapes and the fine weather. You will be happy to learn that most of Brome-Missiquoi’s vineyards have set up picnic tables on their sites. The only thing left for you to do is stop at one of our local agritourism enterprises to fill your baskets and add a locally produced wine to complete your tasty meal.

You can’t find the time to build your own feast? No problem! Many local enterprises such as the Gagliano Vineyard, the Rumeur Afffamée in Dunham, La Mie Bretonne bakery as well as Les Sucreries de l’Érable offer complete baskets upon reservation.

For an exceptional view, head towards the giant monarch butterfly at the Domaine des Côtes d’Ardoise.


Walking Through the Vines

In Dunham, the Caudalie Vinyeard proposes 5 kilometres of trails where you can admire the magnificent Green Mountains as well as Mount Pinacle! For a unique experience, come during the Spring when all the apple trees are in full bloom, or later on when the grapevines have ripened.

Walking through the Côte d’Ardoise Vinyeard is also a must during the yearly outdoor art exhibit. Over a hundred works of art from all around the world can be admired here, among the vines.


Multi-Sensory Tasting (activity not available in 2021)

Throughout the Summer, La Bauge Vinyeard will have you taste their rosé wine using your five senses with their fun association games. This quite unique activity takes place on a charming raised terrace placed among the vines. To set the mood, the activity is preceded by a guided carriage tour through the vineyard.


Learn How to Pop a Bottle of Bubbly (activity not available in 2021)

During the effervescent visit of L’Orpailleur Vineyard, you and your friends will learn the basics of the traditional cork popping of a bottle of bubbly. One of you will even have the opportunity of sabering one of the domain bottles.


Traditional Grape-Stomping (activity not available in 2021)

Every autumn, during the wine harvest season, The Domaine du Ridge of St-Armand invites all ladies to participate in the traditional barefoot wine stomping event. The activity is held in a festive atmosphere and includes all the rosé you want. Contact the vineyard for more information.