Harvest season on La Route des vins

Grape-harvesting season runs from September to October and is the time of the year when vineyards take on a festive air. You’ll truly enjoy being in the Eastern townships at this particular time, for so many reasons. And what are these reasons? Here are a few:

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To get a behind-the-scenes preview

During the grape-harvesting season, most of the region’s vineyards offer guided tours, accompanied by the winemakers. They include the following: Château de cartes, vignoble & cidrerie, Vignoble de la Bauge, Vignoble Clos Ste-Croix, Clos SaragnatLéon Courville, vigneron and Vignoble Val Caudalies.

Theme-based tours

Join in the grape harvesting

During grape harvesting season, you can immerse yourself in the experience by taking part in vineyard grape picking activities. Contact the vineyards directly to make a reservation.

  • At Vignoble Domaine Bresee, grape harvesting is always a festive occasion and includes a meal, a glass of wine, musical performances and an evening campfire. Their harvesting activities will be held on September 14, 21, 28 and October 5 starting at 10 AM. Price : $27.
  • At the Vignoble de la Bauge you can spend a day in the life of the winemaker. Experience the complete experience of winemaking from the grape harvest to the creation of a vintage. Sunday, September 29. Price: $70
  • At the Vignoble du Ruisseau, the grape harvest experience will take place on September 29 and October 6 and includes a particularly appetizing dinner. Price: $75
  • On October 5, the Vignoble Bromont invite you to participate in a festive harvest day.
  • Saturdays and Sundays from 11 AM to 4 PM, Château de cartes, vignoble & cidrerie welcomes visitors to attend live the transformation of the newly picked grapes.

Appease your cravings

Since touring the vineyards can work up your appetite, many of the vineyards offer epicurean activities during the grape harvesting.

  • In Dunham, Vignoble du Ruisseau offers a thematic “Harvest Dinner” on September 7 and 21.
  • The Vignoble de la Bauge will be offering wine and dish pairings in “Prestige Tastings” and “Terroir Platter” formulas on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 AM to 6 PM.
  • Every weekend in September and October, on the terrace of Château de cartes, vignoble et cidrerie, you can enjoy pizza, baked in a wood-burning oven.
  • You’ll also be able to treat yourself to a snack at Tire-Bouchon, l’Orpailleur vineyard’s restaurant.  The vineyard will also be hosting a small market with local producers.
  • You might want to enjoy a light meal at the Domaine des Côtes d’Ardoise bistro as well. 
  • From September 20 to 22, the Canard & Goumandise festival will celebrate local producers with many activities in the heart of Lac-Brome.

Have a picnic amid the vines

Most of the vineyards along the Wine Route have picnic tables where you can enjoy an outdoor feast. These vineyards include, among others,  Léon Courville, vigneron, Vignoble les Trois Clochers, Vignoble Domaine Bresee, Vignoble Gagliano and Val Caudalies. The latter two can also prepare a picnic basket for you if you call ahead.

The Wine Route moves to Mont SUTTON ski hill

We agree, you might not have the time to visit all the vineyards of Brome-Missisquoi during harvest season. No problem! All you need to do is head out to Mount Sutton for the Mont SUTTON Fall Festival every weekend from September 14 to October 14. The Brome-Missisquoi win route will have a stand where you will be welcomed to try the wine route products. A suggestion: Take the chairlift to admire the breathtaking view of the region’s amazing autumn landscape.

Discover an Open Air Art Gallery

When you go to the Domaine des Côtes d’ardoise in Dunham, you’ll discover the largest open-air sculpture exhibit of Quebec and unique in all of Canada. Over 150 works of art can be seen throughout the gardens of the vineyard.

Sleep at the winery

Those who wish to sleep directly at the vineyard will be pleased to learn that the Clos Ste-Croix Vineyard located in the heart of Dunham and the Vignoble Bromont located in Brigham offer accommodation for the night.