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– One-day Outing –

The perfect way to complete a ski weekend in Bromont or in Sutton, is by visiting our Brome-Missisquoi vineyards; a winter getaway that will have you discover magnificent snow-covered landscapes while experiencing a truly intimate and comforting moment.

First stop: Vignoble de l’Orpailleur
Located in the heart of the Brome-Missisquoi Wine Route, you will certainly learn about the work of the artisan winemaker in a northern climate. Take the time to visit the site, the Économusée du vigneron and taste wines in a warm atmosphere.


Second stop: Vignoble du Ruisseau
At the same time vineyard, distillery, cider house, organic maple grove and country restaurant, the Ruisseau family vineyard rests in a simply magnificent setting. Guided tours, tastings, bistro… your stay there will undoubtedly be an experience rich in learning and flavors.


Third stop:  Léon Courville, Vigneron
Nestled on the slopes of Mont Brome, this vineyard which dominates the Brome lake valley offers a breathtaking view. Taste their wines while enjoying the view or treat yourself to a guided tour. So many options to enjoy the beauty of the place. (Open weekends only).


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45 km

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