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A Winter Roadtrip

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One-day Outing

Route 139, Route 202, ch. du Collège, ch. Dymond, ch. Mccullough, ch. Alderbrook, ch. Jordan, Route 139, Route 215, ch. Brome

The perfect way to complete a ski weekend in Bromont or in Sutton, is by visiting our Brome-Missisquoi vineyards; a winter getaway that will have you discover magnificent snow-covered landscapes while experiencing a truly intimate and comforting moment.

This one-day itinerary will first have you discover the Vignoble de l’Orpailleur, one of Quebec’s oldest commercial vineyards. Here you’ll also find the Vine and Wine Écomusée. Then, drive out to the sumptuous Vignoble du Ruisseau, where they’ve opted for geothermal energy to grow their vines. The route will also allow you to explore the town of Sutton and its charming commercial street. Don’t hesitate to drop by the Comptoir du Marchand de thé or the Chocolaterie Muriel for a comforting drink. Finally, you’ll end your day with a visit to the magnificent vineyard of Léon Courville, Vigneron, in the town of Lac Brome. Here, the view overlooking the lake and the Appalachian Mountains is simply breathtaking, especially in winter.


Day 1: Vignoble de l’Orpailleur, Vignoble du Ruisseau, Léon Courville, Vigneron

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45 km

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