The region of Brome-Missisquoi can be proud of being a true gold mine when it comes to its many producers and artisans who share their passion along with their amazing products. How about enhancing your next outing on our Route des vins by making a few gourmet stops?


From its roots firmly set in the town of Frelighsburg, the Gosselin Smokehouses’ family-owned business has developed a very unique recipe: hot maple wood smoked salmon. Their company’s rapid growth has encouraged these young entrepreneurs to open a boutique in Cowansville, Provisions Gosselin, where you’ll find all their amazing products.

Nearby: the Clos-Ste-Croix vineyard and La Grenouille vineyard


This business counts not one but two grocery stores in the region (Sutton et Dunham) to satisfy their local customers and tourists looking for the best cheeses, charcuteries and Quebec’s terroir products. A true must before heading off to your cottage or favourite inn, or yet again to add to a picnic you’ll enjoy at the top of the mountain.

Nearby vineyards and cideries (Dunham): Domaine des Côtes d’Ardoise, Val Caudalies or UNION LIBRE’s ciders and wine.

Nearby vineyards (Sutton): Domaine Bresee and Domaine Dumont


Based in Dunham, the Three Acres beekeeping enterprise excels in processed mead productions, including body care products made with bees’ wax as well as processed foods from their hives. The boutique team is buzzing with gift ideas to offer yourself or your loved ones. A special favourite is their honey mustard sauce which can be paired with a fish or tofu dish, and excellent with a fresh bottle of wine.

Nearby vineyard: The Vignoble du Ruisseau


Do you know anything about Jersey cows? The owners of the Missiska farm selected this breed because they’re known to produce the best milk for making quality highly nutritious cheeses. To discover and try all the company’s products drop by their factory-boutique in Bedford.

Nearby vineyards: Vignoble de l’Ardennais and Domaine du Ridge


For more than a century, the Brome Lake Ducks enterprise has made the region and the province shine with their exceptional products. Epicureans will be delighted to learn that some of them are sold exclusively at their Knowlton boutique. Furthermore, the Duck Interpretation Centre offers loads of information concerning duck processing from the egg to your plate.

Nearby vineyard: La Belle Alliance


How about a Dolce Vita experience without even taking a flight out to Italy? The Épicerie Domenica will transport you there simply by doing your grocery shopping! The owner, Domenica Didio, makes it her duty to import the best charcuteries, marinated vegetables, pasta, cheeses and panettoni. Furthermore, this business woman prepares all her dishes right here. You’ll find soups, lasagna, sauces, gluten-free meatballs, and arancini which you can take home for a most flavourful evening! Buon appetito!

Nearby vineyard: Léon Courville, vigneron


To discover the Route des vins, its neighbouring producers and businesses consult our interactive map!

By : Stéphanie Chicoine

Épicurienne, mélomane et passionnée des communications, Stéphanie cumule plus de huit ans d'expérience dans la rédaction de blogues (Voir, Bang Bang, Fête des vendanges de Magog-Orford). Elle affectionne la région de Brome-Missisquoi pour ses montagnes, sa Route des vins et ses délices gourmands.

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